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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cisco 6500 DFC Mismatch Minor error

The Ten Gig module is not coming up when we install it in the 6500 chassis. When we execute the “show module” we get a status of “PwrDown”. The following messages are also displayed.

C6KENV-SP-2-DFCMISMATCHMINOR: Module 7 DFC installed is incompatible with system operating mode. Power denied.

Debugging options –
  1. If the PFC mode is 3C and if you are trying to insert module with DFC type 3B, you will get this error.
  2. Reboot the 6500 switch to solve this problem. But there might be a performance degradation as a result of this. Also please click here to read details about the compatibility issues between PFC/DFC & CFC cards.
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