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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ciscoworks LMS 3.2 Windows Device Center Missing Information

The device center is missing informational links that used to be there. Is there any way to restore a default setting or add them back. For example, Under Summary, there is not Last Archive Configuration or Last Inventoried information. Under management Tasks, only one thing is listed. There used to be sync archive, reports and several other informational links. This happened to all devices. But the information is still available from going to other applications. This change occurred when we upgraded RME to version 4.3.1.

The PIDM database still has the devices linked to RME 4.3, but the version of RME is now 4.3.1. The fix requires an SQL query to be run against the cmf database. If you need additional help to perform this function please feel free to contact Cisco TAC, and they can walk through the steps. The other workaround is to to delete all the devices from DCR and rediscover them.

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