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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Connecting console port of other switches and routers to one 2950 switch

How can we connect the ethernet port of the 2950 switch to the console port of the other switches/routers? What is the best physical /logical configuration way to administer them; all at once using telnet ip/hostnames from a central switch?

First, begin by connecting one of the Ethernet ports on each one of your switches and routers to the 2950 and create an out of band management system. Then put all the devices in the same subnet including the 2950 and manage them. This allows the admin to open one session per device which makes configuration and troubleshooting very easy.

Please note that, Out-of-band management is a separate link into your network for management traffic only. Typically, this would be a dedicated management channel (e.g. DSL) to a terminal server which has connections to each network device via console connections. Conversely, in-band management uses the same link as your data, hence if there is any problem on the data link you have lost management as well.

Click here for the document that introduces cisco terminal server router bundle.

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