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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CUE will not sync time with CME

We currently have a UC520 system that CUE time is incorrect on by 5 hours. We have set the time with both Configuration Assistant (the most current version) and from the command line. Last night we also attempted to set the ntp server while logged into CUE and get messages that follows:

UC500-CUE(config)> ntp server
WARNING!!! Could not reach using NTP

Debugging options -
  1. Try to Ping from the CUE module?
  2. Check your timezone in CUE
  3. Check for the "ntp master" command in CME
Check to make sure there are no routing issues from your CME to the Internet. If there is one you will not be able to contact outside time source for your CME. You can set routes on your router/firewall to fix this issue. You need to be able to ping from CUE. Please verify and use the following config in your CME.
  • ntp master
  • ntp update-calendar
  • ntp server
as for the CUE config, make sure you have the following in place
  • no ntp server
  • no ntp server
  • ntp server prefer
After this is in place, restart CUE and your time will sync with the CME time.

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