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Friday, November 27, 2009

Issues setting up Cisco 2811 as a terminal server

We have trouble setting up a Cisco 2811 as a terminal server using HWIC16A card and an octal cable. For some of the lines it works, and for some the lines it does not. Every line has been setup as the same.

The “show line” command results in the following error message –
Line(s) not in async mode -or- with no hardware support: 20-513

The first line 10 are able to connect, but the 11th line is not able to connect to line 11. The following is the error message:
Router3#telnet 2012
Trying, 2012 ...
% Connection refused by remote host

Debugging options

1. Make sure that all the ports on the HWIC-16A card use the proper flow control, and also make sure that the devices connected to the octal cable are using the same method of flow control as well.
2. On the configuration of the HWIC lines, use the no exec command. The reason is that if any message is sent from the attached devices to the HWIC card (such as logging message) while there is no session running on that port, the router with the HWIC card will start an EXEC session for that port, thereby disabling the option to reverse telnet to that port.

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