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Friday, November 13, 2009

Remote Access VPN to ASA 5510 not passing traffic

We have a cisco client remote accessing into a 5510. Authentication works fine, secured routes info show correctly in my client, client reports that traffic is being encrypted, but I can't access any of the resources over the tunnel. But an output of a #sh crypto ipsec sa peer x.x.x.x command shows traffic is not being passed. Our l2l configuration works fine.

You are trying to pass some traffic to some internal networks that are not in your nat exemption acls (no-nat-inside, no-nat-dmz). Make sure in those no-nat acls you permit from the "inside" to the VPN client pool.

Other common causes:
-your internal routers may not have a route towards the ASA for the VPN client pool
-access-lists applied to the interfaces (show run access-group) may not permit the traffic from the "inside" network to the VPN clients
-Configure split-dns under the group-policy for your internal domain names

Cisco by default does not allow nat-t over udp. Adding the ipsec-udp enable under your group policy fixed my issue.

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