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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"RICS0001:Internal Error,unable to process the collected data from the device." Unable to have their inventory collected in Cisco Call Manager.

Errors - Inventory: CISCO-ENTITY-ASSET-MIB attributes not supported by the device
Errors - SQL Anywhere Error -193 primary key for table "software Element" is not unique.

Debugging ideas
  1. Make sure that the CCMs support the ccmPhoneTable and the CISCO-CCM-MIB. The phones should also show up as end hosts in UT, so the switches to which they connect must also be managed by Campus Manager.
  2. Make sure that you have upgraded to the latest version of Campus software. CCM 5.x+ support wasn't added until 5.1.3
  3. Try walking its ccmPhoneTable using the SNMP Walk tool in Device Center. Make sure this is returning valid data.
  4. Make sure that the two CCMs had an SNMP service are enabled.

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