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Sunday, December 20, 2009

CM-PUB ( failed; Errors adding a subscriber to a CM 5.x cluster

We are adding a subscriber to a CM cluster in 5.13. We get the following error/screen
  1. Configuration validation with CM-PUB ( failed
  2. Could not send/receive UDP packets to publisher on port 8500

Diagnostic Steps
  1. verify that versions of CallManager are identical (Publisher and the new Subscriber), network connectivity between them, that the name of Subscriber was added in the Publisher Administration (this is the first step when you go to install the server).
  2. reboot the publisher and click to pass the error again
  3. Make sure your create the SUB in the PUB config before installing it
  4. If you receive errors that point to DNS doesn't have records for CCM servers then there could be problems with DNS config. To workaround this issue install a isolated vlan pub and sub.
  5. Alternatively, move Publisher and the new Subscriber to a vlan with no access to DNS server, and in the installation procedure skip the dns validation when it says that you cannot reach that server.
  6. Also, you can try the other option to remove the DNS config in all servers before installing the new subscriber.
  7. Please click here for more details on how to configure DNS server through CLI
  8. If both server's are in the same network and if you are using a IPSEC tunnel then apply the following command to the wan interface: crypto ipsec df-bit clear
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