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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How do you automatically shut down FastEhernet port when flooding occurs?

We have a cisco 3550 24 port switch. We would like to configure our fast Ethernet such that when flooding occurs through any of the Fast Ethernet port then a port automatically shuts down. Subsequently then the port is re-started after few minutes automatically. We have to set re-start timing on the port or disable the port so it does not affect the other Fast Ethernet ports.

  1. storm-control can help but it drops traffic exceeding a threshold it doesn't put the port in shutdown.
  2. you can also think of using another related feature called block flooding that allows to drop multicast and unknown unicast
both features work inbound on received traffic. The command to broadcast storm-control at 1% on FastEthernet port in cisco 3550 Switch is listed below

int fas0/x

storm-control broadcast level 1

Click here to read more details on “Blocking flooded traffic on an Interface”

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