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Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to generate Interface Utilisation Report from HUM (LMS 3.2)

We would like to create a report from HUM (LMS3.2) that graphs the TX and RX utilization (and errors if possible) of an interface on my Cisco 6509 switch. Is there a way to do this? How can we generate a report covering a longer period, instead of a set period of time (last 24hrs)?

Steps Involved
  1. Create a poller for your device which monitors all the interfaces you need. You would use the built-in Interface Utilization and Interface Errors templates. Once the poller is running, you can view the poller report under HUM > Reports > Report Management, or you can view the specific Quick Report for interface utilization or errors. You can schedule either of these reports.
  2. You can generate reports covering longer period by copying a quick report to a new quick report, or by defining a customer report. Then you can specify the date range for which the report should cover.
  3. Also this can be scheduled. When you copy the Quick Report, the middle pane of the report definition window allows you to schedule it. By default, it runs immediately, but you can schedule it to run daily, weekly, or monthly as well.
  4. Always check to make sure your 3750 is properly configured for SNMP so that the ifTable and ifXTable are readable.

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