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Friday, December 11, 2009

How to map a FXO trunk line (PSTN) on a DN.

We would like to map a certain FXO trunk line to our extension so any incoming/outgoing call would be to/from our IP Phone. Now we can do something about the incoming calls, redirecting them to our extension using the 'connection plar' but when it comes to outgoing calls, we cannot do this (or don't know) unless we give that voice port a different destination pattern and creating new route pattern for it. If there is any way that this can be achieved with my current H.323 setup or do we have to migrate to something else like MGCP?

Option 1 – Configuring using CSS and PT
You can't have an empty route pattern so:
Create a translation pattern that is empty (that IS permitted), and use the "Called Party Transform Mask" to change the number to 888
Create an 888 route pattern and point it at the gateway - pass all three digits out
On the gateway create a dial-peer with a destination-pattern of 888 - you don't need the digit-strip command since it is on by default.
The gateway should sieze the FXO and you should hear dial-tone form the CO.

Option 2 the Gateway
Please click here for details.

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