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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Unable to change AD of D EX route

We have DDC-WAN-R1 and Core switch. We have few static routes on Core switch which we have redistributed into EIGRP. DDC-WAN-R1 and Core switch is on EIGRGP too. Our target is to modify local EX EIGRP distance on DDC-WAN-R1 which is getting D EX from Core.

But our distance on DDC-WAN-R1 is still showing 170. We do not want to change AD of all external EIGRP. We would like to change only for

Unfortunately you can NOT change AD of external eigrp route for spicific network/subnet not like the internal route. The only way to change external eigrp route is using the command distance eigrp.

EIGRP has its own distance EIGRP command - distance eigrp internal-distance external-distance

Please click here for further details.

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