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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Unknown Device Type in Call Manager

Our Campus Manager is not properly identifying one of our switches. The device is a Catalyst 3548 running 12.0(5.2). Management station to device reports it is reachable for both telnet and snmp read and write. The Supported Device Table indicates that this sysObjectID is supported. We are running everything at the latest patch levels. Specifically, our CM is Version 5.2.1 and our CM Devcice Package is 6.0. Yet, the device remains"unknown".

Diagnostic Steps
  1. The most common error for unknown devices is the SNMP community string not being set correctly. Verify that it is showing up correctly under the Common Services ---> Devices and Credential Management --->Device Management --> Expand All Devices and search for the problematic device and update the credential and snmp RO and RW community strings.
  2. Then re-run data collection and launch topology services.
If the above steps does not work, get the following information.
  1. Enable debug from data collection under Campus Manager ---> Administration ---> Debugging Options --> Data Collection and select the "topo module".
  2. Also enable Debug under Campus Manager ---> Administration --> Debugging Options --> Topology and change Debug level to "trace".
  3. Start a new data collection.
  4. Launch Topology Map again.
  5. Upload the ani.log file from CSCOpx/log/ani.log
  6. From the Java Console, copy and paste the outputs to a text file.
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