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Friday, January 15, 2010

7915 expansion modules not displaying anything

We are working with CME version 7, 7962 ip phone which has 7915 expansion modules. The modules are ok, but they don’t display any data next to the buttons. However if you press the any of the buttons, the call goes through. But on the modules, nothing can be seen. How do we resolve this issue?

Diagnostic Steps
1. Instead of upgrading to 8.5 load try to upgrade gradually. From your current version downgrade to 8.3 load, upgrade to 8.4.2, then up to 8.5 load.
2. For all SCCP firmware upgrades from firmware release versions earlier than 8.3(3) to version 8.5(2)SR1 or greater, first upgrade your firmware to version 8.5(2). Once you have upgraded to version 8.5(2), you can upgrade your IP Phone to version 8.5(2)SR1 or later.
3. So we need to downgrade our firmware to first 8.5(2) the we can proceed with our upgrade to 8.5(2)SR1 or later, this issue as there is a mismatch in the signatures between the firmware loads, hence resulting in the 7915 screens being blank.
Please click here for more details on the Firmware Upgrade Issues

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