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Friday, January 15, 2010

CCM Failed to upgrade 7.x after importing data with disaster recovery

Diagnostic Steps
  1. This is because the locale wasn't import with the disaster recovery that I did before the upgrade. Locale files are not import after a disaster recovery, if we try to upgrade to another CCM version it will show this error.
  2. If you have an actual 5.1.3 and you want to install a new in parallel you will need to install the locale before going to 7. For example if you have 5.1.3 in production ,install 5.x locale and then upgrade to 7
  3. Also if you have done a restore of the data and all user are using the French locale which is not part of CCM by default the upgrade will fail. CCM will not be able to do the upgrade because all user are set to the French locale but the locale isn’t there.
  4. Prior to upgrade install 5.X locale on the existing server, do the DRF backup. Load the new server with all the specific information (name, ip address and so forth). Once it is on the wire do a restore from the backup on to the new server.
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