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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cisco 4500 switch goes into a reboot loop

Whenever we power up the 4500, it goes to ROMMON and sits there until we manually type in "boot" and hit enter. After the manual boot, everything seems to work fine. This switch hasn't been used for awhile so we are not sure what/who caused this to happen. Since it does boot, we know the image is there and OK. We have tried running boot system flash cat4500-ipbase-mz.122-31.SGA6.bin command multiple times but it keeps booting into ROMMON mode.

Diagnostic Steps

1) Current BOOT file is --- flash:cat4500-ipbase-mz.122-31.SGA6.bin
Invalid filename flash:cat4500-ipbase-mz.122-31.SGA6.bin. It must begin with device name.
It cannot find the file you specified for it to use in bootup and therefore it goes to ROMMON.
Where is the image actually stored ?
Try the following commands to get further details
post the current boot system command ie."sh run | include boot system"
post the output of "dir /all" from the switch.

2) sh run | include boot system
boot system flash:cat4500-ipbase-mz.122-31.SGA6.bin
You have boot system flash:xxxxxx
If your image is in bootflash, you need to do a boot system flash bootflash: and then your image name.

3) Make sure you have the right boot-system commands configured, or if it is only one IOS which is on the bootflash, you can remove the boot-system commands to make sure it boots the ONLY IOS on the bootflash.. do a "no boot-system bootflash: xxxx " to remove this.

4) If you have these commands, can you remove them
and just have one command with booting the sytem from bootflash

boot system flash
boot system flash:cat4500-ipbase-mz.122-31.SGA6.bin

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1 comment :

  1. Please try using below:

    Switch#configure terminal
    Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
    Switch(config)#no boot system flash bootflash:cat4000-is-mz.121-8a.Ew
    Switch(config)#boot system flash bootflash:cat4000-is-mz.121-11b.EW

    Switch#show bootvar
    BOOT variable = bootflash:cat4000-is-mz.121-11b.EW,1
    CONFIG_FILE variable does not exist
    BOOTLDR variable does not exist
    Configuration register is 0x2102


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