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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CUCM 7.1(3) TFTP Auth Fail error

Since upgrading to CUCM any new phone plugged into the system gets an "auth fail" from the TFTP server when attempting to upgrade the firmware to the version that comes with 7.1(3). Phones that were registered prior to the upgrade work just fine. We are seeing the same behavior on the non-production environment which is also at 7.1.3-10000-11. Phone Firmware for 7.1(3) on 7961G set is SCCP41.8-5-2SR1S

The Cisco phones that are currently shipping (as of January 27, 2010) with 8.3(2) but must be upgraded to a firmware load greater than or equal to 8.3(3) up to a load less than or equal to 8.5(2) prior to upgrading to 8.5(3). This is an issue for new phones mostly - the default manufacturing load has to be 8.3(3). The process for doing so involves testing in manufacturing as well as a control run test build. For recently shipped phones, the process specified in the 8.5(3) release notes is the correct process to follow.

Here is the reason as to why this issue happened. Cisco firmware is signed to ensure that only Cisco-certified firmware may be loaded on our phones. It was necessary to upgrade the servers that do the signing and the loads that understand both signing keys are, not surprisingly 8.3(3) though 8.5(2). The old servers were decommissioned and no longer available so 8.5(3) only understands the new server signing keys, hence the need to upgrade first to a load that understands both keys.

Alternatively you can try this workaround
  1. download firmware 8.4(4) in ZIP format from (
  2. extract a zip file to tftp server on my laptop. i use 3CDaemon for tftp server.
  3. change the dhcp value for option 150 to tftp's ip .
  4. reset the ip phone to factory default by pressing hold# and then 123456789*0# (
  5. ip phone will retrieve firmware v.8.4(4) from my laptop.
  6. when downloading the modified image file finished, change the dhcp value for option 150 to cucm's ip.
  7. register 7945G with cucm and "Auth Fail" should not appear.
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  1. A very good post ,I like it very much ,hope you will give another post asap Great info Thanks!

  2. Excellent post. You saved my day!!!

  3. Thank you for the lead. your work-around works like a charm.


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