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Monday, January 4, 2010

Does 7600-ES+4TG3CXL require particular slot in 7600?

Does the 7600-ES+4TG3CXL need to be put on a particular slot like the RSP (e.g. slot 5 or 6 on 7606)? Does this has anything to do with the pin length at the backplane of the chassis? There's some length difference between the pin on slot 2 and the rest (on 7606). Slot no 2 seems to have longer pin.

Slots 1 and 2 are the ones to be used with supervisors 1A or 2. Sup 720 has to be installed in slot 5 or slot 6.

The reason for this is that Sup720 integrates the switching fabric SFM (actually a 720 Gbps matrix) that it is not present in older supervisors but existed as a separated line card to be installed in slots (5 and/or 6 only sup2 supports SFM). Click here for more details.

The Switch Fabric Module 2 (WS-X6500-SFM2) can be installed in any Cisco 7600 series router. (Click here and see Figure 11-2.) The Switch Fabric Module 2 requires Supervisor Engine 2 and must be installed in slot 5 or slot 6 of the Cisco 7606, Cisco 7609, or OSR-7609 routers, or in slot 7 or slot 8 of the Cisco 7613 router.

In conclusion, slot 1 and 2 have different pinout than the other slot because it was needed to host SUP2. SUP2 does not have integrated switch fabric, so install it separately from the supervisor (the SFM which installed on slot 5 or 6). Newer supervisors have the switch fabric integrated, therefore, those later version of supervisors need to be installed on slot 5 or 6.

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