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Friday, January 15, 2010

Failed to get the JTAPI Provider; JTAPI fails

When we migrated our CER to 7.1(1) the JTAPI started failing? How do we resolve the issue.

Diagnostic Steps
  1. Confirm that all the servers are reachable from CER and vice-versa
  2. Make sure that CTI Manager service is started on the servers
  3. Confirm that the username and pass you use for the jtapi user that get assigned to CTI route point is configured correctly on CER and CUCM. (try not to use any special characters in the username or pass)
  4. If CTI Manager service is already started on CUCM, restart it.
  5. Check and verify if there is a version mismatch between the JTAPI provider on the UCM and CER servers. If there is a mismatch downgrade the CUCM version under the Admin Utility from 7.1 to 7.0. The JTAPI started working again.
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