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Friday, January 15, 2010

How do you migrate from CCM 4.1 to CUCM 7.1

Steps for Migration
  1. First, make sure you have the necessary new servers and install a fresh copy of UCM 7.1.
  2. Then work with Cisco licensing to get the DLU files created. Send them a list of all the phones and MAC addresses as well as which service contracts the servers were under.
  3. They will then create a file and sent it to you to load into the UCM 7.1 cluster.
  4. Build an intercluster trunk between the 2 clusters so users could still communicate with each other while we completed the different phases of the migration. Please click here to find more information on setting up intercluster trunks
  5. Next, build fresh partitions, CSS, dial patterns and other system features on UCM 7. This is important if you need to change your naming convention and make it more standardized. There are also a lot of new features around paritions and CSS that you can take advantage of.
  6. Next export your phone configs from CM 4 and put them in BAT files. This can be imported into UCM 7.
  7. Then make changes to your DHCP scopes to change the TFTP entries so that you just need to reboot the phones in CM 4 for them to then come up in UCM 7.
  8. If you run the issue of not being able to bulk change the voicemail integration in Unity 5, you can do it in the SQL database itself.
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  1. Do you have more details on how you did step 4? We are migrating from CCM 4.1 to CUCM 7.1 and I am attempting to do this step and getting stuck. Thanks,

  2. I have updated the blog with details on where you can get more information for setting up intercluster trunks.


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