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Monday, January 4, 2010

IP phone showing "auth fail" error on screen. Issues with CUCM 7.0

We have installed cucm7.0 (ccmpub and sub)..when the ip phone 7970 registers with the ccmpub it shows "SCCP70.8-5-2SRIS" "auth fail" and "local authentication failed: SCCP70.8-5-2SRIS" error before registering to the ccmpub server. But when we remove the network cable from ccmpub it fail over to the second ccmserver (sub) but gives about error continuously after 2~3 minutes of gap..i chose unsecure mode in device we have to change the firmware?

The phone firmware needs to be @ 8.5.2 before trying to go to 8.5.2sr1. For all SCCP firmware upgrades from firmware release versions earlier than 8.3(3) to version 8.5(2)SR1 or greater, you must first upgrade your firmware to version 8.5(2). Once you have upgraded to version 8.5(2), you can upgrade your IP Phone to version 8.5(2)SR1 or later. Click here for more details.

If you do not have the 8.5.2SR1 on the inactive version, revert UCM back onto the "Inactive Version". Install 8.5.2 (NOT 8.5.2SR1), this will upgrade the phones to 8.5.2, then switch partitions again, this should in tern upgrade to what every Firmware version you have.

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