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Friday, January 29, 2010

Unable to console into Catalyst 4507

We have some strange problem while trying to use the console to configure Catalyst 4507, We are using rollover cable, normal serial setting (9600-8-none-1-none). Switch has 2 supervisor engines ( Supervisor II-Plus).

The problem is that, we can see everything on the console, normal booting sequence, IOS image decompression, all messages that show normal synchronization with the other supervisor engine. Then when it reaches the part when it says Press Enter to start, we can’t type anything, we still can see all the messages (like when we pull the other supervisor engine out) it gives us the message that it was pulled out, yet we can’t type anything. Same thing with the second sup-engine. Unfortunately, Telnet and Aux port are not set, so they are unusable.

Diagnostic Steps
  1. A connector in the console port on the switch could be bent and not making contact. Make sure that the connectors inside the console port and make sure they all look good. Also try using a different PC.
  2. Force a redundancy to swap the connection onto the secondary supervisor module ? make sure you have ACTIVE status on module 2 when you do this.. and module 1 becomes standby... check console connectivity on module 2... with Sup II plus, you would just have a single console and single iP address available for management , so you need to check.... you can reboot the primary SUP, to make it secondary (manually),.. you can also do "redundancy reload peer" to reload the secondary supervisor (not reqd in this case)
Another Option

  1. Get any Cisco router however old or new. 2500 will do, and so will 7206. What you need is a router with an aux port. So it needs to be a software router, which have aux ports.
  2. Connect AUX port of the router to a CON port on the 4500
  3. Login with a console or whatever to the router.
  4. Look at the number of the aux port via "show line"
  5. Add this number to 2000. E.g. if the AUX is line 33, the result will be 2033
  6. Do a reverse telnet:
conf t
int loop 0
ip add
telnet 2033

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