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Friday, January 29, 2010

Upgrade Cisco Unity Express from 3.x to 7.1.x. Cannot activate licenses

We have successfully upgraded a Cisco unity express (AIM-CUE) from 3.x to 7.1.x, however it now asks for the upload of software licenses. We have already uploaded the Mail-Box Licenses and IVR licenses, but the unit reports it cannot activate them since it has no port licenses, do these licenses have to be purchased separately or do they come with the AIM-CUE , if so how can we reactivate them.

Each IVR session consumes one port and thus reduces the number of ports available for use by voicemail or auto-attendant applications. Please carefully consider how many IVR session licenses you need and only install or activate licenses for that number of IVR sessions.
If the number of IVR session licenses is greater than or equal to the number of ports, then voicemail and auto-attendant applications will be disabled due to the lack of available ports. The show license status application command will indicate this condition by stating the error message "voicemail disabled, ivr session quantity (x) is equal to or exceeds available ports (Y)" where X is the number of IVR sessions and Y is the number of ports. To change this condition, either reduce the number of IVR sessions via the command license activate ivr sessions N (where N is less than the number of ports and may be zero to deactivate all IVR sessions), or remove the IVR session licenses, or add more port licenses, and then issue the reload command.

Please click here for more information on a overview of Software Activation of Cisco Unity Express.

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