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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CER JTAPI Failed to get the JTAPI Provider

What is the fix for below alert from Cisco Emergency Responder 7.1(1) connected to CallManager 7.1(2)? I checked AdminUtility showed CallManager version 7.1, but how tdo I re-init the JTAPI provider?

This mail is generated by Server : ZA1CERS001 Please check the following

1) Check if the call manager configured is having connectivity from the CER Server
2) Check if the Call Manager is running a Supported Version by CER Server
3) Check if the login credentials given are correct.
CTI Manager Host Name :,,
Failed to get the JTAPI Provider for :,,

Diagnostic Steps

Please confirm the following -
  1. All these servers are reachable from CER and vice-versa.
  2. CTI Manager service is started on the servers
  3. The username and pass you use for the jtapi user that get assigned to CTI route point is configured correctly on CER and CUCM. (try not to use any special characters in the username or pass)
  4. If CTI Manager service is already started on CUCM, restart it.
If there is a version mismatch between the JTAPI provider on the UCM and CER servers, you can fix it by downgrading the CUCM version under the Admin Utility from 7.1 to 7.0 and it should start to work correctly again.

If you have the same versions of CUCM and CER with the same problem. Assuming CER 7.0(3) worked fine with CUCM 7.1. and JTAPI started failing after upgrade CER to 7.1(1) . Then, change the CUCM version on the Admin Utility page to 7.0 and the JTAPI should start to work again.

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