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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Could not add the Cisco unified CME TSP to the phone and modem. CallManager Express TAPI TSP Windows 7 64bit

We are using CME TAPI TSP as a tool to dial from outlook contacts. Now people are moving form XP to W7 64bit and there is no compatible version available. The error-message of version during installation is "Could not add the Cisco unified CME TSP to the phone and modem". Is there a new version coming up?

Unfortunately Cisco has no plans (as of Feb 2010) to create a new TSP for the 64 bit environment. Click here to access the TAPI Developer Guide for Cisco CME/SRST.

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  1. Yes, Cisco supports x64 architecture. You need CUCME-TSP_x64_2.2.0.8.exe You will not find it online, you must call cisco and they will give you a dropbox link to download.


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