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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How do you load balance traffic between WAEs using WCCP

We currently have one WAE-674 at the data center and we are looking into adding one more WAE-674 to support more remote sites. With two WAEs at the data center, how do we load balance traffic between them using WCCP ? Does WCCP load balance traffic dynamically on its own?

Also we are seeing a lot of pass-through connections between two WAAS enabled sites. We are seeing a lot of "PT in progress" under ConnType when we run the command "show stat con pass-through". We are not redirecting video or voice traffic to the WAE.

WCCP provides reidrection as well as load balancing functionality. Please click here for more details on using WCCP to transparently redirect TCP traffic to WAEs.

There are a couple of possible reasons for pass through connections.

1) the application is set to pass through via application traffic policy. Please click here for more information on default application policies

2) the traffic is only going through one WAE

3) the traffic goes through 2 WAE in one direction but not through the same 2 in the return path.

4) the device is overloaded

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