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Monday, February 1, 2010

Voicemail timestamp is wrong. Call Manger Express (CME 7.1) and Unity Express (2.3)

Our organization is using a 2811 router with Call Manger Express (CME 7.1) and Unity Express (2.3). The time stamp on the messages left in our voice mail is off by 2 hours.
The system time on the router is correct and set to the correct time zone. NTP seems to be functioning. We did make some changes to the time zone recently to correct the times on the phone (although we then discovered this has to be changed in the telephony-service), but we saved the configuration and reloaded the router.
How does this system determine what time stamp tp put on a message?

Diagnostic Steps

1) In the CUE GUI, go to System > Network Time & Time Zone Settings. Set the proper NTP server and timezone. Then go to Administration > Control Panel. Save the CUE config and reload the CUE module.
2) Make sure the NTP server is reachable from CUE.
router#service-module service-engine 0/0 session

3) On the CallManager Express router:
ntp master
On the CUE:
ntp server x.x.x.x
!--- Where x.x.x.x is the ip address of the CME router which is configured as a NTP server.
Once the mentioned configuration changes are made on the CUE and CallManager Express, issue the show ntp status command on the CallManager Express router. You should see that the clock is synchronized.
Please click here to read more details on CUE clock not synchronizing with CME Router

4) CUE is a separate module on the router. It essentially derives power from the router and shares a bus for communication. Otherwise, it is a separate device. You can telnet to the CUE module, but you have to use a port number on the telnet statement. The other way to get to the command line is from within the CME CLI: cme#service-module service-engine 0/0 session
cme#service-module integrated-service-engine 0/0 session
This command will differ slightly depending on the CUE module that you have. If you look in the CME config you will see something similar to: interface service-engine 0/0
interface integrated-service-engine 0/0

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