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Friday, February 26, 2010

What are the steps to upgrade from 6.1(2) to 7.1(3)B?

We are looking for clarification on upgrading from to 7.1(3)B. We ordered the upgrade disks and have a disk to upgrade from 6.X to 7.1(3)B. The 7.1(3)B release notes indicate that an upgrade is not possible from 6.1.2 but from 6.1.3 or higher.

Do we need to upgrade to 7.1(2) as an interim step before upgrade to 7.1(3)B. Is this correct?

There are two choices here. You can upgrade to a 6.1(3) version as a first step or 7.1(2) as you correctly noted. Either way would be supported.

Please click here for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Software Compatibility Matrix.Table 5 Supported Cisco Unified Communications Manager Upgrades for Release 7.1(x)

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