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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Can different 3750 models be stacked?

We have 3750G-24 TS and a 3750-24TS (non-gig). Can we stack those two different kind of models? Never done it before and it seems it would be odd since it would be 24 gig ports and 24 FE ports. How about the code? Do they run the same code?

A Cisco 3750 switch can be stacked with any other model of Cisco 3750 switches. Catalyst 3750 switches that run Cisco IOS® Release 12.2(25)SEB are compatible with Cisco EtherSwitch service modules that run Cisco IOS Release 12.2(25)EZ. Catalyst 3750 switches and Cisco EtherSwitch service modules can be in the same switch stack. Within this switch stack, the Catalyst 3750 switch or the Cisco EtherSwitch service module can be the stack master.

Please click here for more information on manage Switch stacks.

For the code, the major version must match, but you can have minor revisions between the two. You must force the mater to push the IOS to other stack memeber it does not do it automatically. Please click here for 3750 stack software compatibility.

It is highly recommended that switches in the same stack run the same code with same feature set. If a switch becomes the new master, that switch should support same feature set as the master or else you will have inconsistency. Switches with different cisco ios softwarer versions likely have different stack protocol versions. Switches with different major version numbers are incompatable and cannot exist in the same stack.

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