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Monday, March 22, 2010

Can we use external music source for MoH on CUCM 7.1?

We have just installed Call Manager 7.1 and would like to use an external music source that we pay for as our music on hold. Is this possible? If so, how do we get the audio onto the call manager? We were not sure if we could add and audio card to the call manager server or if an external server is needed.
All you will need is a USB Audio adapter, part # MOH-USB-AUDIO= that hooks up to server via USB and lets you plug in a 3.5mm audio source into the USB box as a audio feed.

If recorded or live audio is needed, MoH can be generated from a fixed source. For this type of MoH, a sound card is required. The fixed audio source is connected to the audio input of the local sound card.
This mechanism enables you to use radios, CD players, or any other compatible sound source. The stream from the fixed audio source is transcoded in real-time to support the codec that was configured through Unified CM Administration. The fixed audio source can be transcoded into G.711 (A-law or mu-law), G.729 Annex A, and Wideband, and it is the only audio source that is transcoded in real-time.
The Cisco MoH USB audio sound card (MOH-USB-AUDIO=) must be used for connecting a fixed or live audio source to the MoH server. This USB sound card is compatible with all MCS platforms supporting Cisco Unified CM 6.x and later releases.

Please click here for more information on configuring Fixed and Audio file MoH services.

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