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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cisco 1841 + HWIC-2SHDSL poor upload throughput

Has anyone had any experience with a Cisco 1841 and a HWIC-2SHDSL? The problem we are having is very very poor upload speeds on a 1Mbps/1Mbps 4 wire G.SHDSL service maxing out at ~ 10-15KBps egress. The download speed is fine up to ~ 1Mbps ingress.
The service provider claims there is no issue with the circuit, and we are now forced to focus our attention on the router/ WIC card.
There does appear to be some OAM errors incrementing very slowly(~200 over 72 hours) on ATM PVC sub-interface, but there are no CRC errors on SHDSL controller. The SHDSL seems to be connected correctly with the right line coding/ rate as per the service provider recommended settings.

One resolution to the problem is to make sure you have set the vbr-nrt on the atm pvc

interface ATM0/1/0.33
Pvc 0/33
vbr-nrt 1024 1024

Please click here to understand more about VBR-nrt VCs.

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