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Friday, March 5, 2010

How to run its-CISCO.

We have CME and FXS and FXO. We placed call form analog phone connected to FXS to 8000 and we tried to run the its-CISCO. on my 2801 router. We added the files to router flash memory and we added the following configuration:
service autoatt flash:its-CISCO.
param operator 0
paramspace english language en
paramspace english index 0
paramspace english location flash:
paramspace english prefix en
param aa-pilot 8000
We am not sure about the how to make the dial-peers and the call flow.

You can use the following script
dial-peer voice xx pots
service foo
port x/x/x
Digital ports use "incoming called-number ." instead of "port".
same for voip DP, plus "codec g711u" and "no vad".

The first config activate service when going off-hook. Typically used for FXO.
Generally is not needed to activate services for local phones. When it is, ideally the service should support mode "out-bound".

Services are activated by incoming DP, except for services supporting out-bound mode (not your case). Also please note that you cannot change the audio file without a reload, because even if you overwrite file in flash, IOS caches the content and no there is no know working way to refresh it.

Service is configured with out-bound keyword, and script entry point is ev_handoff instead of ev_setup_indication. Generally, the scripts do support both.

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