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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is there a limit on the number of GRE tunnels that can be configured on a router?

There may be factors such as memory constraints that will place practical limits on how many tunnels you can support. But there is also a hard limit on the number of tunnels that you can configure. That limit is based on the limitation of the number of IDBs supported by your router. The IDB is the Interface Descriptor Block and each interface (physical, or tunnel, or loopback, or whatever) requires an IDB. The number of IDBs will vary by platform and sometimes by release level of the code that you are running. You can use the privileged command show idb to see what the limitation is on your router. On the 1841 router that I just checked the limit on IDB is 1200 (which is a pretty large number - I believe that you would encounter other limits on performance or on size of configuration before you exhaust the IDB limit).

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