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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cisco Call Manager 7.1.3 displays incorrect time on Phones

We have a call manager cluster configured and it is configured to use time via ntp server. The time that was displayed on the phones during the initial setup of the system was correct however when since last week we have noticed that the time displayed on the phones are incorrect. The phones are displaying the UTC time instead current time for the timzezone, how do we correct this?

On CUCM 7.1.3, new timezone structure was introduced.
Because of this, the phones need to be on firmware version 9 or above to recongnize the timezone settings.
For backward compatiblity (phones has firmware lower than 9), you may choose the timezone with a star (*) on CUCM 7.1.3

Also consider updating the device pack to verify the call manager.
Please click here for more details on Cisco Unified CallManager Device Package 7.1.3.

Then updated the phone firmware to version 9.
Please click here for more details on how to upgrade the firmware on the phone.

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  1. i have a resolution fix for this :
    CUCM 7.1.5
    incorrect time for some 7911,7945. no time zone...
    what i did is that i set manually the TFTP using
    Alternate TFTP : Yes
    TFTP Address : Edit
    address to that phones and the time was correct using the time zone of the device pool.

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