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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CUE will not sync time with CME UC520 system

We currently have a UC520 system that CUE time is incorrect on by 5 hours. We have set the time with both Configuration Assistant (the most current version) and from the command line. Last night we also attempted to set the ntp server while logged into CUE and get messages that follows:

UC500-CUE(config)> ntp server

WARNING!!! Could not reach using NTP.
WARNING!!! might not have been configured as
WARNING!!! NTP server.
WARNING!!! NTP Server Will be entered in the NTP List
  1. Click here to download the UC500 software.
  2. Accept the agreement, enter your CCO information.
  3. Look for the most current download for your UC500 system and update the system to the most current software load.
  4. Lots of fixes to multiple problems with the UC500 systems are solved by upgrading them.
  5. The most current update changed the older UC500 system way it handles timing itself.
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