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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How do third party recorders use to capture audio from Cisco IPT?

There are two techniques that are predominantly used by third party vendors to capture audio.
  1. SPAN based: This is passive recording based on packet sniffing from IP phone ports or gateway ports and mirroring to recorder interface. Using this technique the recorders get hold of calls without intrusion and can feed their system database with CUCM data independently. No config is generally required for this configuration.
  2. DMS based: This is new technique in which the recorder is integrated with CUCM using JTAPI & SIP and certain configurations need to be performed. This is active recording wherein the CUCM instructs the phone to send a duplicate RTP stream to the recorder to enable recording.
Since SPAN is not used and communications are at L3, this is more scalable solution.

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