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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Missing Line Appearances on CUPS

We have the following error reported on the CUPS System Dashboard.
No line appearances currently exists on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. In order for SIP Publish to work properly, line appearances must exist on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager

How can we troubleshoot this? Is this related to our lack of ability to see status changes on CUPC when a user has an on going call? We also see that the user device´s status in CUPS Presence Viewer has a question mark on it.

What this means is that either:
  1. You may not have properly configured your SIP PUBLISH trunk.
  2. If you think you have, then you probably haven't configured the Line Appearance Associations. This isn't the association of a device to a user through 'End Users' in CCM, but is the association of a specific line appearance (i.e. device/line pair) to the user.
To do this for a single user, browse to the user's phone or Device Profile (if using EM). Click their primary line, then scroll down to the bottom. You can add the user there as an 'associated user'. Save that and reset, and it should resolve the issue for the test user.

You can also do a bulk using the facility in BAT. To do this go to CUCM > Bulk Administration > Users > Line Appearance > Update Line Appearance. Click "View Sample File" to see the example.

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