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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RVL200 SSL VPN Certificate Expired / Not Working. "Publisher can not be verified

Our RVL200 lost its SSL VPN functionality. All appears to be working fine, until we try to open the VPN tunnel, at which point Windows/IE security won't let the ActiveX add-on run, because the certificate for is expired.
This is an issue because the certificates have expired. Cisco is aware of this and is working on an issue (as of April 20th 2010). There is a workaround -

you can add the RVL200's portal page to the Trusted Sites of the Internet Explorer and set the Security Level of Trusted Sites to Low to bypass the checking on the certificates of ActiveX add-ons.

If you set the security level of your IE browser to low correctly, the browser will bypass verifying the signing certificate of the ActiveX components, and therefore you should not see any error message complaining about expired certificate. I would not recommend this approach since it defeats the whole purpose - but can be a stop gap until Cisco fixes the issues.

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