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Thursday, May 27, 2010

CM Upgrade 4.1(3) to 7.1(3) - how do you add a phone type to CM 7.1?

We have successfully run the DMA and loaded it on our new CM 7.1 server. We have also successfully loaded our subscriber. So we are ready with our new environment running CM 7.1(3).

We have not moved the new updated HW to the production yet, we wanted to preform some tests. We ordered some new phone (9951) and We are trying to add them, but the phone type is not listed. We cannot for the process to add a new phone load. Can someone let us know how to add a phone type to CM 7.1(3)

You will need at least 7.1(3a)su1 but if you are going to upgrade before going into production we think 7.1(3b)su2 would be the way to go as it has many bug fixes .

Before using the Cisco Unified IP Phone with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you must install the latest firmware on all Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers in the cluster.

Note You can install Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.1(3) or 7.1(3a). After you install one of these releases, you must install Cisco Unified Communications Manager *** 7.1(3a)su1. ***

Please click here for release notes on Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 and 9900 Series.

You can use the Software Upgrades options to perform the following types of installations and upgrades:
•Install/Upgrade—Use this option to upgrade the application software, install Cisco Unified Communications Manager Locale Installers and dial plans, and upload and install device packs, phone firmware loads, and other COP files.
•TFTP File Management—Use this option to upload various device files for use by the phones to the TFTP server. The TFTP server files that you can upload include custom phone rings, callback tones, and phone backgrounds.

Please click here for more information on Software upgrades.

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