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Saturday, May 8, 2010

CUCM 7.1, AD Integration and DirSync

We have a new 3 server cluster, publisher (no Call Manager service) and 2 subscribers (running Call Manager service). Currently, we have the DirSync service running only on the publisher. From an HA perspective, is there a better strategy for how/where DirSync runs? Thanks.

Not really. You can have a second agreement setup as a redundant link to AD but the intent is to run directly from the Publisher as it does the background work to verify authentication (if you enable that) and etc.

The sync agreement can have three LDAP servers. This gives you redundancy for LDAP failures. If the CUCM Pub should fail, it wouldn't make any sense to synchronize LDAP data to the subscribers because the Cisco Informix database cannot be changed by the subscribers (aside from user facing features). That being said, authentication would still work. The subscribers will use LDAP to authenticate a user in the event the publisher is offline

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1 comment :

  1. Hello

    Not sure Authentication would still work trought the subscribers using LDAP...

    how would you do that ?
    To make it work you will need to activate Dirsync on the subcribers (I guess not possible) and if you check the CUCM system guide you will see that you can use authentication only if you activate synchronization, so this scenario where :

    You active dirsync on a sub but I dont synchronise users but only authenticate them on that sub is not possible.
    Beside I think dirsync activation on a sub is just not possible (I didnt check this, I dont have a cucm running somewhere right now)

    Thanks for any clarifications


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