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Friday, May 21, 2010

CUCM Upgrade to 7.1.3b SU2 from

We are planning to upgrade our current CUCM version 6.1.2 to CUCM 7.1.3b SU2. Can someone please confirm following:

Our CUCM system version is . We had migrated to this version from CM 4.x and it was a new install i.e. from a bootable iso dvd. Could someone please confirm if can be treated the same as Should we upgrade to 6.1.3b first and then to 7.1.3b since there are no direct upgrade paths from 6.1.2 to 7.1.3?

Yes you should first upgarde to 6.1.3b and then to 7.1.3b. Notes about Engineering Specials (ESs), Service Updates (SUs), and Windows Service Release (SR) Upgrades -

If you run a Linux or Windows Engineering Special (ES), a Service Update (SU), or a Windows Service Release (SR) for any version listed in the "Direct upgrade" tables in the following Supported Cisco Unified Communications Manager Upgrades, you can also upgrade to the target version for that section.

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