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Friday, May 14, 2010

Does DMA Require Win2K OS Patch while upgrading a CallManager?

Upgrading a 4.1(3) cluster to version 7.1(3), using new servers and importing a DMA TAR file to restore db. We ran the Upgrade Assistant and it complained about memory and the OS version on the old CallManager. It's OS version 2000.4.2 and the Upgrade Assistant wants version 2000.4.6.

My question is, does it matter? We are going to pull off the TAR file and use it during the new Communications Manager installation on the new appliance servers. Will DMA run ok on the current OS version?

DMA doesn't care what CIPTOS version you're running, it only cares you're running 4.1(3) to migrate the data.
As long as you don't get errors in DMA which is the real important part of the upgrade you're good to go.

CCMUpgdAsstInstall.4-3-13.exe / Release Date: 19/Apr/2010
UA 4.3(13), is a universal version of non-intrusive upgrade tool that can detect the health of your servers before you upgrade to 3.3(5),4.0(2a),4.1(x),,4.2(x),4.3(x),5.0(x),5.1(x),6.0(x),6.1(x),7.0(x), & 7.1(x)

The Upgrade Assistant is not related in any way, shape, or form to DMA and is not checking for any pre-requisites related to DMA. It is a generic application for both Windows and Linux upgrades. The Windows OS is of no consequence when you are migrating to Linux. The system will get wiped out anyway. It is running pre-canned checks as they relate to CUCM upgrades.

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