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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How do you share DN between 3rd Party SIP Droid and SCCP - Cisco CME

We are using SIPDroid on my Droid to connect to our CME. We woudl like for calls to my extension, 168, to ring both our SCCP desk phone and the SIP client on my Droid. Can this be done? We are able to register our SIP client to CME successfully on an differnet DN. We used CFNA to get calls forwarded to our Droid, but we would rather just have both ring simultaneously like an overlay.

There is not formal recommended way to do this. But here are some workarounds to achieve it.

Configure it as voice hunt pilot.

If you register a SIP phone with the same number as an SCCP phone, or two SIP one, or two SCCP ones, it will ring only the one with better preference, and if preference is set equal, will ring them round-robin.

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