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Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to register 7921 wireless ip phone on CCM 4.2(3)

The callmanager details for our installation are as follows.

Cisco Unified call manager version : 4.2
Administration service release : System version : 4.2(3)
Cisco unified call manager administration version : 4.2(2)
Cisco unified call manager installation ID : CCM 4.2(3)
The callmanager is 4.2. But the 7921 device is not comming on Device > Phone

The latest Device Pack should be used. While you can search for the first device pack that the 7921 was introduced on your own, we recommend using the latest Device Pack.


Please click here for the Cisco Unified CallManager Device Package 4.2.3 (60.0) release notes

Go to Support > Software Download. Go to the voice software section. Navigate under IP Telephony>Call Control>Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)>Cisco CallManager Version 4.2

From here, you can pick "Unified Communications Managr/CallManager Device Packages".

When you load the Device Package keep in mind that it will update firmware for ALL PHONES included in the package. If you do not want this new firmware pushed out to your non-7921 IP phones, you will need to take some additional measures. First, write down (or use a query to save) the current Device Defaults used by your cluster. When loading the Device Package on the Publisher, before you reboot modify the Device Defaults back to the firmware load IDs that were used prior to the Device Package install. You should only have to do this on the Publisher but it is a good idea to check the Device Defaults if/when you load the Device Package on the other servers in the cluster. Remember, when using a Device Package that contains new device definitations for your CM version, you must load it on all cluster nodes and you must reboot all nodes after loading the Device Package.

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