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Friday, May 14, 2010

IP Communicator kills Anyconnect VPN Connection

Connecting with Anyconnect and can access myremote network ok. If we launch IP Communicator it fails to register and my remote access via Anyconnect stops working. We need to close IP Communicator and restart Anyconnect to get our connection back. IP Communicator works just fine with the ipsec client. Any ideas?

Anyconnect version 2.5.0217
ASA 8.0.5
IP Communicator 2.1.4

ASA with anyconnect DTLS connection, when tftp
inspection is enabled, if a TFTP file transfer is attempted
from the anyconnect client and if the file is not
found (or results in any TFTP error message returned), it
will intermittently disconnect the DTLS session also.

This will cause a temporary stoppage of traffic flow
as anyconnect client re-establishes the connection.

This is commonly seen in Cisco IP communicator when it tries to use
TFTP and the file is not on the TFTP server (call manager).


1) TFTP from client and results in a TFTP error message
2) TFTP inspection is enabled


1)Disable TFTP inspection
2) Use TLS intead of DTLS

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