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Saturday, May 8, 2010

IP phone ignoring URL for Directory XML

We need to use external source for directory XML ,we have set it in External Data Locations Information on IP phone settings on Call manager, or in Enterprise parameters on Call Manager. We can see that IP phone get the URL in HTTP configuration menu, but it still use default URL pointed to CCM.Strangely, when we try the same setting for Cisco softphone CIPC, everything works fine. All phones are localized in Czech except the CIPC so maybe this is the problem. How can we fix it and how does localization affects URL for XMLs and scripts?

CUCM version:

IP phones:7965,7975

The issue is that in 7.1.3 the provisioning of features like directories (corporate/personal/missed calls/received calls/placed calls/etc.) has changed quite a bit. Cisco introduced the concept of enterprise subscriptions for services (which are automatically provisioned on all phones). Coupled with this concept is a provisioning method. The provisioning method tells the phone can you access an enterprise level service via "Internal", "External", or "Both". You have to understand a few things about this new provisioning method and the enterprise service subscription to solve your issue.

Click here to access a great blog that describes this in detail.

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