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Friday, May 28, 2010

Issues with ATA 186 (SCCP) not upgrading via TFTP

We are running several 7.1.2 / 7.1.3 installations and almost every ATA does not upgrade to the TFTP-supplied SCCP Software 3.2.4 but stays on 3.1.0. They register and seem to work AND they are not even listed as running on outdated software in CUCM. The ATAs are directly out of the box from our vendors and properly configured. We cannot see any problems in the traces.

Here is a workaround that works.
  1. The following procedure will get your ATAs to upgrade themselves. Download and modify the XMLDefault.cnf.xml file (remove all the load info for other phones).
  2. Place this file, along with the ATA030204SCCP090202A.zup file on your own TFTP server.
  3. When an AltTFTP server is specified, the ATA will get the config and load from your TFTP server and the upgrade should got through.

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