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Friday, May 21, 2010

Registered IP Phone with status unknown in CCM phone list.

We are running CCM 6.1.1b. Recently, some registered phones show unknown status on the phone list, even though they are registered and functional. The phones show registered in the phone configuration but unknown in phone list. What causes this ?

Under Device > Phone the Status and IP address are not properly associated with the correct devices in the list when multiple devices are listed.


CUCM prior to performing a phone search that returns multiple results.


View the device status on the Phone page, or narrow the search so only a single phone is displayed.
1st Found-In


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  1. Pedro Sousa

    Hi! I absolutely love your post on how to perform a Reverse Phone Lookup. Over the years I have found that people put too much emphasis on free lookups versus paid services. Of course you can Google the phone number and discover some info, but if it’s a cell phone number, you’ll have to pay a small fee to access an online database such as Phone Detective.

    Again, excellent info!

    Keep it up,

    Pedro Sousa

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