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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Strange packet received: type 3" error when using Putty

When we use putty 0.60 to connect to the router via ssh: putty occasionally opens a window with error the following message: "Strange Packet Received: type 3" and terminatig comunication with router. The problem occurs on some recent versions of IOS, in particular the 12.4 (24) and various hardware platforms.

Any idea to solve this annoying problem?

Unfortunately most IOS versions have this problem. One possible workaround is to use telenet instead.

Alternatively, in putty config go in Connection->SSH->Kex


Max minutes before rekey to 0

Max data before rekey to 0

The strange packet type 3 error happen on rekey...

You can set it to 1min to see it happen faster.

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