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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A user deletes an EMAIL and it goes to Unity's deleted box

We have a user that deletes normal email and it goes to their deleted box in their Unity VM box. We use Unified Messaging configuration and version numbers are as follows -

CCM 4.1.3

Unity 4.0.3

Exchange server

In a Unified Messaging configuration, when a user plays their Deleted Items, Unity will announcing both email and voicemail messages.

Is the bulk of the messages are email messages? Most people find that the Deleted Items folder in their Outlook client often fills up quickly, and in most cases with deleted emails. This folder is where deleted voicemails are also sent. It is one and the same folder. When one logs into Unity and goes into the deleted messages conversation, Unity announces the both the email and voicemail messages in the Deleted Items folder.

If Unity could be configured to only announce the voicemail messages when one goes into the deleted messages conversation in a UM configuration, this question might not arise. However, the cost to Unity for implementing such an ability to sort through this folder thats often full, and distinguish voicemail from email, would likely be so significant as to impair Unity's functionality.

Also in the Subscriber Template within the Messages tab, there is a checkbox for what messages to announce. If Email is checked, it will announce email messages to users they'll be accessible via the TUI.

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